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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I harvest the timber in my woods?


- There are many reasons to harvest your timber. Removing the mature trees allows the smaller trees to gain more sunlight and nutrients,     which stimulates growth. It also helps the wildlife by creating some brush and allowing forage to grow on the forest floor for browsing.


2. Will there be tree tops left in the fields or creeks?


- No, all creeks and fields will be cleaned of tree tops.


3. Will the roads you make in my woods be rutted?


- No, any ruts made during the harvest will be leveled back and water bars will be placed in any hillside roads.


4. Why is there a 4% timber harvest fee?


- This is Illinois state law. We are required to pay this, on your behalf, quarterly along with the required paperwork. This fee is generally dedcucted from your check for the timber.


5. How many trees do I need to get you to harvest them?


- This depends on the type of tree and the quality. We do jobs with as little as 15 walnut to as big as thousands of trees.


6. What if I want to sell the land and the timber?


- For the right price, we do purchase land as well.


7. Why do you need a two year contract to harvest the timber?


- Weather and crops are the main factor in this. We want to harvest the timber, when possible, when the ground is dry or frozen to minimize any damage. Also, gaining access when the crops are out is helpful too. With the amount of timber that we harvest annually, sometimes the right conditions for harvest can be a small window.


8. Do you have references that I can speak to?


- Yes, we can supply references upon request.


9. How far will you go for timber?


- Generally, we cover a 150 mile radius from Effingham, Illinois. But, we will travel furthur for the right job.


10. How do I know your company is the best for me?


- With over 100 years combined experience, our family business proves time and again that our company is second to none.